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Re: (erielack) Erie 10-5 car names

I did a little research, and all it turned up was that in 1998 a Strates employee told a list member that all that "old stuff" had been junked, and as recently as 2002 at least one ELDPS member was interested in scoping out the Strates Train to see if Pride of Youngstown was still part of it.

Looks like a good excuse for a field trip!

Jeff Larson
ELHS #2683
(and a long, long way from Binghampton)

"Tom Beckett" <tabeckett_@_stny.rr.com> wrote:

>You don't happen to know the Strates car number or name, do you? Their train 
>is in Binghamton right now. Show is on in Vestal til the 30th.

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