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(erielack) The Ray Scott Collection: Signals and Stuff

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rs_RuthSignal.jpg (image/jpeg, 1000x899 176597 bytes, BF: 5.09 ppb)
rs_sig_controller.jpg (image/jpeg, 600x493 82718 bytes, BF: 3.58 ppb)
rs_wr_track.jpg (image/jpeg, 750x593 141630 bytes, BF: 3.14 ppb)

Ray was (and still is) a signal and interlocking expert, so he obviously 
took shots of that stuff.  First, a shot taken just east of Rutherford NJ 
station (by his father).  Notice the old coal dealer on the right, and the 
round yellow plate under the signal.  That plate allowed a train with a red 
board to pass it at very low speed after sounding horn, without coming to a 
complete stop (remember, this is an automatic, not an interlocking signal, 
which cannot be passed).  Those plates were usually applied on grades, and 
there is a bit of a grade here, climbing out of the Hackensack River 

The second shot is of some kind of relay mechanism, that did something to 
help control a switch or signal.

The third shot is at WR Drawbridge, West Arlington NJ.  The bridge is being 
closed, but the rails haven't yet been put back down into position for 
trains to go over.

Jim G.

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