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(erielack) Fwd: My Steamtown trip-

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Hi Gang,
We went for a road trip earlier in the week, my first trip to Steamtown!
   We did get to ride behind 2317, and there were a couple other plesant
surprises- I hadn't realized that an Erie Business car was there- icing
on the cake!
I do have a couple questions though- on one of the storage tracks
(towards the Mall) there was a boxcar painted in G/M, with the remnants
of an electrical service connection.  Anyone know the history of that
one?  I'll attach a picture.
And second, part of our trip was through Corning (Glass Museum), Elmira
(Warbird Museum), then down to Scranton.  I saw a lot of familiar names
of places on the way through, but didn't have a lot of time to explore.
   Can anyone recommend some EL relevant sights to see for the next trip?
   I can remember different times on this list that there were things
along Rt.17/I86, around Binghamton, Clarks Summit, etc.. but how about a
"railfan tourguide" for the hardcore?
Al Reibel

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