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RE: (erielack) Rich Man's hobby

Speaking of high prices, does anybody know if there is going to be a 
licensing surcharge for either Erie, DLW or EL like the UP roads?


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>Subject: RE: (erielack) Rich Man's hobby
>Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 23:20:54 -0400
>Dave Green wrote:
> > I generally don't mind changes but the direction Athearn has
> > gone, indeed the whole hobby, has me fed up.  I find these
> > new Athearn models discouraging.  Yes, the detail is better
> > and the newer models are more accurate, but it doesn't seem
> > worth the money.  Are people buying this stuff or are sales
> > down?  The old Athearn was about all I could afford.  The
> > quality was good enough and if I wanted to make it better I
> > could choose to do that.  My pocketbook can't justify a $100
> > RS-3 or a $140 SD45-2 and I don't make that bad a living.
> > For aesthetic purposes I can see buying a single RS-3 for my
> > layout but what good is a single SD45-2?  You have to have at
> > least a paired set and the higher prices put that further
> > outside my reach.  And, having become used to $5-$7 cars I
> > can't buy a $15 - $20 Ready-To-Roll car that is all prettied
> > up.  If I did buy one it would mean less to me because I had
> > no hand in building it.
> >
> > I miss the old Athearn.  They made the hobby affordable for
> > me.  It seems the creativity of the hobby is disappearing and
> > being replaced by the McDonald's "gotta have it now"
> > generation.  I have a new-found interest in military
> > modeling, partly in response to the skyrocketing prices of
> > model railroading.  Trains will always be my first love, but
> > for sheer economic reasons I foresee my model railroading
> > activities diminishing with a corresponding increase in
> > historical research (i.e. armchair) and the aforementioned
> > static plastic models.  I was just starting to get out of the
> > armchair after years of struggling to establish a career.  It
> > is very disappointing to have to face this realization now
> > that I have time to resume modeling.
>Well, the "rich man's hobby" does seem to be true. Many modelers today are
>either retired with a lot of disposable income, or professionals who pull 
>6-digit salaries. Truth be told, they're driving this new "high end" 
>There's also the axiom of "time is money" - in the good old days, you could
>purchase a relatively inexpensive kit, and then superdetail the thing
>wonderfully - all at the cost of a) detail parts, and b) your time. Today,
>many people think their time is more valuable than that and are willing to
>pay for the kit to come superdetailed (when you add up the price of detail
>parts and your time, these "expensive" models might even turn out to be
>cheaper in the long run)
>Although it does appear that some manufacturers are listening - Life-Like
>has been doing their Proto 1000 series for a number of years, and now Atlas
>has announced their "Trainman" series of inexpensive, high-quality 
>in HO, N and O scales (though sadly, their first group of HO equipment only
>has ONE car that's correct for the EL timeframe, and none that are correct
>for DL&W/Erie, though the O scale Trainman models do fit the earlier
>And by the way, you still CAN get the Athearn "blue box" kits. Harder to
>find, yes, but they're still producing them.
>	- Paul
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