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(erielack) Stock Cars etc

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Jack Bartman was interested in my photo of Conrail stock cars, so if it's
not too irrelevant (extension of EL's kosher beef traffic?) I'd like to
share it with the group. This is Conrail TV-12M climbing the west slope at
Cassandra PA in August 1989. If UP's Hamtrack train had been discontinued by
this time, these 2 cars may well have contained the only rail-borne
livestock in the entire country that day. (Modelers note the length of the
grabiron on the flatcar.)

I also came across a photo of a short PIAL (Conway-Altoona), same loc'n same
day, somewhat over-powered by no less than 6 of the ex-EL
SD45-2's which Conrail used in pairs in the Cresson-based helper pool; that
day they put 3 sets on PIAL to get them back to Altoona. Possibly the most
SD45-2's ever caught in one frame. Those big 5,000 gal fuel tanks were
unique to EL, designed to permit a TOFC train to travel from NY-Chicago
without a fuel stop. The extra weight when full may have been useful in
helper duty.

Paul Brezicki

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Gayle Shomer
Charlotte, NC

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Gayle Shomer
Charlotte, NC

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