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RE: (erielack) DL&W numbering question - the theories go on...


Non-Revenue does not mean M.O.W. The equipment that M.O.W. uses is
considered "Non-Revenue" but "N-R" equipment also includes training
cars, display cars, scale cars, cars kept for captive service to
specific departments within the company, et-al.

Also, your right about the sand hopper, its photo was taken in the 70's,
but that dosen't mean that the car hasn't been captive to the diesel
shop. The location of where the sand was loaded into the car may have
changed, but its purpose hasn't.

And being that it has always been assigned to the Diesel Shop, it would
be a "Non-Revenue Generating Car."

Ex: Pennsy had quite a few boxcars that were in the charge of the
"Stores Department"... Those cars, though capable of being loaded like
any other boxcar, where restricted to use by the Stores Department Only.
They would be sent out, empty, to shippers, whose load was destined to
the PRR Stores Department. 

And because the company (in this case, the PRR) is not making a profit
by providing its own boxcars to pick up goods it bought for itself to
sustain company operations, they were considered "Non Revenue". 

I still think my theory holds water.

Joseph D. Fisher
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Mountain View, New Jersey

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