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RE: (erielack) Pascack Valley / NJ&NY name change?

To all concerned-

The Erie Railroad in the original form of the New York, Lake 
Erie & Western Railroad took possession of the New Jersey & 
New York Railroad (formerly known as the Hackensack & New 
York Railroad circa 1860) on April 7, 1896 having obtained 
a controlling position in their stock.  When the Erie reorganized 
in 1895, it refused to renew the terminal leases for the NJ & 
NY RR based on not honoring contracts made before it's 
reorganization.  It raised the lease amounts so high that the 
NJ & NY RR was forced to sell out to the Erie.  For over fifty 
years it was known as the NJ & NY RR and ran Erie equipment.

Before the merger of the Erie & DL&W in 1960, it remained an Erie 
branch. After the merger it became unofficially known as "The 
Pascack Valley Line".  The official name "Pascack Valley Line" 
was adopted by New Jersey Transit in 1983.  The trains that run 
on this line are the only trains leaving Hoboken Terminal with 
the engine power on the east end of the train.

Just a note relating to other this railroad on another string:  
reported in the "Paterson Guardian" in March 1861: 'The engine 
Bergen, No.3 (a 4-2-0 type) ran off the open drawbridge over 
the Hackensack (river) and was buried in the river bottom.  
No evidence had ever been found that it was recovered.'

Verrry interesting!!!  Anybody for digging in the Hackensack 
River for a 1860's steam engine??

- -Joe Jordan

At 05:54 PM 12/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul, and others,
>I'm sure that it was absorbed into the EL prior to 1970.  I remember the 
>timetables showing Horace Banta as trustee, but, in 1970, when I commuted, 
>there no longer was any reference to NJ & NY RR on any timetable.
>At 01:08 PM 12/4/01 -0500, Tupaczewski, Paul R (Paul) wrote:
>>Does anyone know if/when the EL eventually absorbed the NJ&NY corporation? I
>>know that the timetables for the Pascack Valley had the "Horace Banta,
>>Trustee" on there for quite some time. Was NJ&NY officially absorbed into EL
>>prior to CR? And was that the time when it became the Pascack Valley line?
>>         - Paul
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>> > All,
>> > I commuted from Fairmount Av./Anderson St., Hackensack from about
>> > September, 1970 through August, 1972.  It was "Pascack Valley
>> > Line" on the
>> > passenger timetables all that time.
>> >
>> >
>> > Ken