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(erielack) Comet I Memories

Talk of the original NJDOT / EL Comet cars brought back a nice memory.
I recall being with some friends in Hoboken back around '74, getting on
the 10 pm Suffern local.  Someone talked the conductor into letting us
ride in the rear cab.  You could talk many an EL crew into such things
back in those days.  I recall the rear cab of a Comet being a great
place to ride, with a digital speedometer, radio and 180 degree
observation car view.  I recall the scads of red signal lights at Grove
St. and West End, watching the snow swirling behind the train, hearing
NY-99 getting a brake test in Croxton, rumbling over the narrow Upper
Hack Drawbridge, the occasional streetlights and station lights in
Lyndhurst, Passaic and Clifton, the dark old buildings along the line in
Paterson, hearing WJ Tower talking to someone, then getting off too soon
at Glen Rock.

                        Jim Gerofsky

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