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Re: (erielack) More Delaware River wreck pictures.

In a message dated 12/1/99 5:48:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, "MIKEDC3_@_aol.com" 

> There appear to be two cars on the bottom. One of them is upside down and 
>  fairly badly damaged. This one seems to be just a flat bed. 

The diver's description makes perfect sense.  From the additional pictures, 
I'd say the flat car is a TTX style car, and that the boxcar was on the old 
side but in the 1975 wreck.  That dreadnaught end style was used between 1937 
and the middle 1950s, so it wouldn't be a stretch for the car to have been 20 
or more years old at the time.  The Timken roller bearing in the one shot is 
of the style used in the later 1960s, early 1970s.

He's also right in that the '75 wreck was in a different location than the 
1959 dumping of the cement cars, and the 1948 episode with the paper train in 
which a Pacific and a wooden milk car.  The Lackawanna-era wrecks were both 
off the point of the curve, and there still should be parts down there that 
were too small to be worth bringing up.  the milk car may even still be 
there.  But the 4-6-2 was most certainly retrieved.

You might ask him to try searching around the point of the curve. It's the 
deepest part of that part of the river, but there's bound to be something 
down there buried under 51 years of mud that included the flooding of the 
1955 huricanes.


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