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Fw: Fw: (erielack) Fw: Erie RR question

This may be of interest to
Fred Stratton
Salisbury, NC
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To: "erielack_@_cbiinternet.com"
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 1998
9:08 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: (erielack)
Fw: Erie RR question

>Hi Fred,
>I discovered yesterday that
the manufacturer of the
transit, F. Brandis
>Sons of Brooklyn, New York is
*still* in business in
Pleasantville, NY.
>The F.E. Brandis firm was
founded in the 1870s, and from
1896-1916 was
>taken over by his sons.  This
transit, as I had earlier
mentioned was circa
>1900.  Well, I called the
successor firm and asked them
about the
>R.R.L.T.  7  mark.  They
suggested (and it seems
reasonable) "Light transit
>#7".  It is a type of
precision transit in the
category of lightweight
>mountain transits for
portability in expeditions.
>So, there's one possible
answer, anyway.
>Thanks for your efforts, I'll
be interested to hear what
further respones
>you may get.
>Best regards,
>-Dan Weinstock
>Geneva, NY

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